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Isabel is a ceremonialist, oracle, Sound Alchemist and container for connection. She shares her ceremonies under the belief that we are all looking to return to ourselves, the Earth & each other. She strives to make all feel cherished, held, loved, softened & seen. While holding space, with gentle guidance, she steps out of the way so others can connect with the wisdom that exists deep within them, offering compassion, understanding & grace. Her relationship with Sacred Cacao is deeply intertwined with her roots. She guides cacao ceremony from the heart, tapping into her Grandmother’s wisdom and magic and through her Tolteca & Zapoteca (Mexican) ancestry. Isabel is an Edmonton based yoga instructor who teaches all kinds of classes throughout the city, specializing in Kundalini, Pre-Natal, Kids Yoga and more. Isabel is also the proud owner of Breathe Yoga Retreats, where she continues to hold space for women to find health and healing.

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