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A New Beginning

I am sitting in the quiet of the new studio. I have just taken my first class here with Megan and I definitely have that #postyogaglow. If you are unfamiliar with that term, it is something I use to describe the look and feel I have after I have a yoga class, either teaching or as a participant. The feeling of wholeness, peace and joy oozes out of me, making my skin look fantastic and my eyes sparkle (if I do say so myself). This #postyogaglow was different though, special, because it was from my own studio. Not a studio in my house, my own actual brick and mortar location. (9629 – 66 avenue, Edmonton). In fact while I was in class and listening to the sounds of the building around me, feeling myself resting on the floor in my own space, I had a huge wave of gratitude wash over me. This is mine. This is what it has all led to. This is what I was working towards and didn’t even know it.

So many people have been wondering how this all happened, how I came to open a studio to begin with, and most people think it is something that I have been planning forever. Nope, not so.

Let me tell you a little story…

Last year while working through my yoga therapy program I was looking for a small clinical space to have sessions, at the time my clients were coming into my home and having to go up and down the stairs, not accessible. I reached out to my cousin, who is a finder extraordinaire, to keep her eye out for a small clinical space for lease. We then decided to move the house around and move my yoga studio upstairs and just have my practice be from home. And that was status quo for the rest of 2022, although I did tell Paul that I wanted a space by the beginning of 2023, which I promptly forgot that I said. I don’t think that the universe did though.

So fast forward to January of 2023, I get a message from that same cousin saying that there was a space for lease right beside her hair salon in Hazeldean. She jokingly begged me to rent the space so that a vape shop wouldn’t move in. I laughed it off, I honestly didn’t think about it at all, however that cousin of mine is persistent and she kept sending me tidbits of information. I said to her that I had no interest in opening a studio and she replied with “weren’t you just looking for a space last year?” “Did you not ask me to find you a space?” It was honestly like stepping on a rake and having the handle hit me square in the forehead, it all came back to me, all of the planning and hoping of the previous year came rushing back. I thought to myself, “oh yeah, you did want a space, why not now?” But I didn’t want a studio space, I wanted a therapeutic clinic space. The more she persisted, the more I began to wonder, what if?

So with the tiniest toe dip in, I called the leasing agent to inquire, and then promptly picked my chin up off the floor when he told me the cost of monthly rent. I immediately started breaking the numbers down in my head, could this actually be possible? Could I actually open a yoga studio? I sat with the idea for a couple of days and brought it up to Paul. He looked at my numbers, listened to me carefully and then said that it sounded like a great opportunity and I should go for it. Just like that.

At the same time the universe was working its magic and the strangest things kept happening. Serendipitous things that really I cant make up, even before I saw the space I was able to find flooring for super cheap, and even though I hadn’t thought about opening a studio I had just hired someone to update my webpage. I was also able to purchase the most amazing blankets from a studio that was closing.

It was Thursday, January 19th when I was able to finally get in to see the space, and even though it was a disaster I knew it was the right place for me. I could see the potential of this run down little space. And when I say little, I mean little, only 450 square feet. The bathroom, after being a male run shoe repair business for twenty plus years was especially horrid and I was quick to ask the landlord for all new fixtures. But the space has great light, with a beautiful bay window in the front.

I didn’t tell the landlord that day that I would take it, but I knew. Paul and I both knew.

From there, things started happening in great succession, I incorporated Enrich, upgraded my insurance and signed the lease. Honestly it has all happened so quickly. I can honestly say that if that particular space, at that particular price, at this particular time hadn’t of come around I would still happily be teaching out of my home. If the universe hadn’t kept sending me all the signals, I wouldn’t have thought about it any more.

I had two people in my life that I needed to talk to the most, that to me felt the most worrisome (for lack of a better word), Trista (my boss at Above Average Wellness) and my daughter Brandy.

First, Trista. I had just promised her that I would go to Mexico with her to teach on a retreat, AND we had just begun a new 12 week series. I was her Monday teacher, I taught three classes for her on Monday night, and I had just agreed to teaching in her yoga teacher training. Trista, gave me my start. I was so scared. Not only was I needing to tell her that I was leaving the studio, I needed to tell her that I was opening a competing studio. Gulp. Big gulp. She was the last person that I wanted to hurt, in fact I was wondering if I could do both, open a studio and still work for her. To you it may not seem like a big deal but to me it was and is huge. Trista was the impetus of the biggest change in my life (short of becoming a mom), it was because of Trista that I felt safe to start practicing yoga outside of my living room, it is because of Trista that I have the most amazing group of friends. It is because of Trista that I even considered taking the teacher training. I am not over exaggerating when I say that if it wasn’t for her, I would be in a very different place in my life. It was so important to me to talk to her and have her blessing so-to-speak. Trista of course was amazing, gracious, kind, encouraging and supportive. Her reaction to my news was everything that I needed it to be.

Then there was my Brandy, who I would say is stuck to me like Velcro. So much of her emotional regulation is dependent on me, which I know isn’t ideal, but it is the way it is. I was worried how she would take it. So, Paul and I took her for dinner and readied ourselves for the conversation, and that girl blew us away. The first words out of her mouth was that she was so proud of me and excited. Wow. Not quite the reaction I was expecting.

So with the hard conversations out of the way, and the universe acting in my favor I jumped in with two feet. Props were ordered, furniture was found, papers were signed, and the games began.

And so, in just over two short months I managed to open a yoga studio. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the help of some of the most amazing people, but I did it. I brought it all together. I have created a space for a new community to bloom and grow. I have created a space for me to grow, and it feels really darn good.

This week we are running a modified schedule, taking the time for us to get used to the space and for the community to get used to us. And this Saturday and Sunday (April 1st and 2nd) is our open house, I would love it if you stopped in for a hug and to check out the space.

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So beautiful and honest, Misty! Thank you so much for sharing this!!


27 de mar. de 2023

Beautifully written, Misty! 💜