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Book Club

Enrich Yoga & Wellness's 

The idea for our own book club was born during a class where one of our students was really struggling with the idea of being gentle with themselves. Misty asked her if she had ever heard of the work of Dr. Kristen Neff, who studies self compassion, and that little conversation ignited a spark within Misty. . .

Many of our clients are avid readers looking for ways to enhance the "wellness" in their lives. Much like Misty, so many of us enjoy disappearing into the pages of inspirational materials that enrich our lives. 

Starting in September 2023, EYW has been hosting a monthly book club. where members are given one month to read the book (members are responsible for obtaining a copy of the book selection whether by purchasing the book themselves or borrowing from their local library). The focus of the club are books from the Wellness, Self-Help, Yoga Philosophy and Personal Development genres.

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EYW Book Club FAQ

What is the Cost? 
The book club is free to join and the once monthly gatherings are free to attend. 

Note: we will be collecting donations for the Canadian Mental Health Association

When Will the Book Club Meet?
We will be meeting in the afternoon on one Saturday OR Sunday per month. The date varies per month. 

Where Will the Book Club Meet?

We always meet at our yoga studio at 9926 - 66 Avenue, in Edmonton. 

How Do I Join?
​Please register for the class through the website, the link to register is below! 

What Books Will You Study?
Books will be announced at the start of every month, keep checking the website for updated details. Our focus will be wellness, self-help, yoga philosophy and personal development genres.

How Long Will I Have to Prepare?
Misty always gives at least 30 days notice before the next Book Club gathering. 

How Do I Get the Book?

Members are responsible for obtaining a copy of the book selection whether by purchasing the book themselves or borrowing from their local library. 

"We all know how we cry tears when we are sad, or get butterflies in our stomach when we are nervous. These are simple connections between the mind and the body that are easy for us to understand. But what about the bigger issues, when the body gets ill, diseased, or damaged?

Now with Your Body Speaks Your Mind, Deb Shapiro―author of The Body Mind Workbook and Unconditional Love―shows you a practical way to learn the language of your body so you can understand how your thoughts and feelings directly affect your physical health...

...Healing is a continual journey―one of embracing ourselves ever more deeply, explains Deb Shapiro. Your Body Speaks Your Mind takes you on that journey, deepening your relationship with your own mind and body. "
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