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What You Need to Know

Hear ye, Hear ye... here lives the policies for which we all must abide...

Seriously folks, knowing your responsibilities if you're late, or understanding the window for a full refund when you need to cancel are key. We also have conduct and etiquette guidelines that we expect everyone to follow.

Clients are responsible for familiarizing themselves with all of our policies.

Late Policy

Door will be unlocked 15 minutes before class.


Door will be locked 5 minutes before class


Clients must arrive before the door is locked.


Late comers will not be admitted.

Please do not knock on the window or door.

If you are late for class there is no refund.


Code of Conduct

Walk in policy.

We now accept walk-in students! The above door policy still exists, the door will be open 15 minutes before class and will lock 5 minutes before class. If you come for a drop in and the doors are already locked, unfortunately we cannot serve you. Please do not knock on the door if the door is locked and the curtains are closed.

Injuries matter. 

Tell your Yoga Instructor about any injuries you have recently experienced or for which you are undergoing treatment elsewhere (physiotherapy, chiropractor, etc).

No devices.

Please turn off your cell phones, watches and other devices that may have notifications. We can still hear that vibration. Seriously, turn it off. Or leave your devices in your vehicle. 

Do not disrupt Savasana. says it best,

"We all get it. Time is short, your schedule is tight, and your day is packed with need-tos and to-dos. But many of your classmates live for savasana, and by packing up and shuffling out during the most meditative and restful stage of the entire class, you’re disrupting everyone else and denying yourself the benefits.

The traditional benefits of savasana claim to restore your nervous system to its default settings and offer your mind a chance to sink into meditation. But above all, it’s a rare chance for you to do nothing for a few minutes. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and feel the weight of your body against the floor. It’s your own little R&R opportunity. Take it.

Absolutely, positively have to leave class early? Let your teacher know before class, position yourself close to the door, and be sure to leave before savasana begins. When it’s time to leave, pack up and scoot out as quietly as you can."


Payment Methods

We prefer our clients pay for their sessions, memberships and workshops via our website. 

Should you have issues using our payment portal,

please call Misty 780 686 5109



Section added April 29, 2023 because stating our refund policy in multiple locations across the website, was clearly not sufficient. 

  • Class Fees are non-refundable.


  • Multi-Class Punch Passes are non-refundable.

  • Multi-Class Punch Passes are non-transferrable. 


  • Monthly memberships automatically renew, please allow 30 days for cancellation. 

  • If you cancel your membership in the middle of a billing period you will be billed for the following month.

  • Unused monthly membership classes cannot be carried over from month to month. 

  • Monthly Membership fees are non-refundable.

  • New client unlimited (31 days) membership is non refundable and non-transferable. 

Clients are 100% responsible for understanding the policies of Enrich Yoga & Wellness. If you do not agree with our policies OR our values, please contact Misty 780-686-5109.


Cancellation Policy

Classes can be cancelled up to one hour prior to start time. To cancel, click the link in your confirmation email (early cancel). No refunds or class credits are issued if you cancel after the one hour mark (late cancel).

Register online up to 15 minutes before class starts.


Studio Etiquette

Please arrive early for all sessions. We start on time.

We are a small studio and in order to ensure the safety of our clients, our (one and only) door is only unlocked for 15 minutes between sessions.

Please stay for the duration of your session.
We expect our clients to be respectful of our space, our time and one another. The expectation is that when you enter the doors of Enrich, you are present mentally, emotionally and physically for the entire duration of the class. Those that choose to leave before the end of the session, are disrupting, disturbing and disrespecting everyone. 


Please remove all footwear upon entering the studio.

We have mats and hooks for your belongings! It's important that during our sessions, each client has enough space to explore their full range of motion.

You can't have your bag at your mat. 


We ask that you only have your yoga props at your mat - keep bags, coats etc at the door.  

Please keep your scented products to a minimum.
We ask that you apply perfumes, colognes, body sprays after your Enrich experience. 

Hygiene, before, during & after your session is important.

Our studio is an intimate space where we practice with 8-10 other people.  We provide mat spray and towels for cleaning mats and props. Please take the time to clean after your session. 

All props, mats etc will be provided! You are always welcome to bring your own gear. If you need to use the studio gear, always clean then return the mats and props to their homes at the back of the studio.



If you are sick, please do not come to Yoga.

You should know an hour before class if you are feeling unwell, please cancel your booking so that you may receive your refund!

We reserve the right to cancel any class should the instructor be sick. If EYW cancels the class due to illness, you will receive a refund. 

EYW Watercolour Banner.png


We acknowledge that yoga is an ancient Indian Vedic Practice, and we believe in honouring the traditions of yoga.


We acknowledge that we are living and practicing on the sacred land of Treaty 6 Territory.


We believe that yoga should be accessible to people of all races, body types, sizes, abilities, religions, genders, ages and ethnicities.


We believe that yoga should be available to all, regardless of social or economic status (Please talk to Misty if finances are a barrier to you practicing yoga).


We believe that the yoga student has autonomy over their yoga practice and agency over their bodies.


We believe that all beings are deserving of respect; we promise to respect our students and clients. We ask that you return us the consideration.

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