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I used to have a blog called The Road to Wellville. I enjoyed it and I know a handful of people enjoyed reading it. I thought it was time to start again, start fresh on a new platform. I've missed writing and although I have lots that I would like to share with people, during a yoga class or reiki session is not always the right time.

My purpose of writing this blog is for you to get to know me, as a woman, as a business owner and as a yoga practitioner. Hopefully getting to know me will help you build trust in my humanity, allowing you to trust your yoga practice in my hands. Yoga to me is not just an exercise regime, I try to keep yoga as a lifestyle, and therefore want to practice with people who have similar values. I want to feel safe, valued and seen by my yoga teachers. For example, I live in a large body, therefore I want to practice yoga with a teacher who can appreciate that my yoga will not look like the yoga that you see on mainstream media. Also, I want to work with a yoga teacher who honors the traditions of yoga, and does not try to turn it into something it is not. Another day I will talk to you about what I mean by living yoga and the 8 limbs of yoga.

Okay, so a little about what you can expect from me as a yoga teacher:

  1. Like I said, I live in a large body and therefore my yoga doesn't look like the traditional, mainstream yoga. I am not a gymnast, I cannot do feats of strength; nor am I a contortionist, I cannot fold like a pretzel.

  2. I am honest with my body. I will honor what I am feeling and I expect you to do the same. If my right foot hurts (which it often does due to a funky planter fascia) I will not do balancing poses on my right foot. I expect that if you have a sore (insert body part here), that you will honor that and treat your body kindly.

  3. I will offer options. I understand that not all poses can be done the same by all bodies (everyone has different proportions you know?) so I will be sure to show you different ways that you can achieve the desired result by changing it up. For example, using a strap to achieve the benefits of Happy Baby.

  4. At the end of class I will always say "Much Love and Namaste". There is some controversy about using Namaste (Ill write about that another time), although I use it with nothing but respect for the culture from which it comes. I am not trying to westernize it, turning it into something it isn't. It is a salutation of respect, and when I say it to you, it is me telling you that I respect you. I will also say 'Much Love" as its my way of saying that I do in fact love you. I am grateful that you have come to my yoga class, that you have trusted me and that you are supporting me. I love those gifts that you have given me and that is my way of trying to return that love to you.

  5. Sometimes I fall. Like actually. In fact yesterday I was attempting halfmoon pose without a block and almost broke my nose. I have the balance of a new baby goat and I am okay with that. I will always keep trying.

  6. I use notes. I have a wicked bad memory and I have learned in order to ease my anxiety and ensure the flow of class, using notes (a class plan) is a must do. Doing so also ensures that you get a fresh class every time.

  7. I will encourage you to do poses that I myself cannot do. I cannot do wheel, I cannot do crow, however I know that some of my students can are excited to try, I will explain it (I may use pictures) and I will invite you to give it a try. If you never try you will never know if you can do it. Just the other day I was able to do full Boat for the first time, if I didn't keep trying, I would never have gotten there. If I just said that I couldn't do it and gave up I would never know if my body has gained enough strength to accomplish the task. With all of that said, I will always offer options to try if you know that you are not ready for the full monty. I will also respect your right to take your body as far as it can go and be comfortable.

  8. I laugh during class, mostly at myself and if I'm ever laughing at anything else it would be laughing with you. Yes yoga can be a reverent activity and I do believe there is time for that. I do also believe though that there is time to enjoy yourself, and sometimes when I do something silly, I laugh. I mean no disrespect to the practice when I do so.

  9. I am still learning. I have practiced yoga for many years, although have not been teaching that long. I do not know it all, I am still learning, I am still honing my craft, so-to-speak. And I will continue to do so. I will be taking teacher trainings for many more years, to become the best version of a yogi I can be. Currently, I am enrolled in a Yoga for Mental Health class as well as my Yoga Therapy Certification. I hope to be able to complete Yin, Trauma Informed and more Kundalini Yoga trainings in the future. My favorite quote is by Vincent Van Gogh, "I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart", and I can promise you that is the truth. I am in it, I am committed and I try my hardest to walk the walk.

  10. I will honor the teachings and traditions of yoga. I understand that for you it may simply be physical exercise, and I respect that. What I ask is that you respect that Yoga originated from another culture and I will not appropriate that culture for my benefit, I will pay respect where respect is due. What does that mean? Well, we will mediate, we may recite mantra, we will practice Pranayama (yogic breathing). If you are looking for only physical exercise there are many gyms that would happily teach you a westernized version of movement (and call it yoga). I do respect your right to not repeat mantra, end with Namaste or chant OM, although I ask that you remain peaceful and respectful during class while we do.

I love being a yoga teacher! I love becoming a yoga therapist! I honestly feel that this is the reason I am here, my higher calling (besides being a mom). I want to share yoga with you, just as you are, without expectation.

Much Love. Namaste.


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