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What a month it has been!

I am writing this on the eve of my one month anniversary, one month of the doors of Enrich Yoga and Wellness being open.

To say that it has been a whirlwind is an understatement. It was January when my cousin Christine, owner of Hazeldean Hair told me that the space next to her had come up for lease. It was the end of February when I was sitting on the beach in Mexico. It was St. Patrick's Day when I took a couple of my new teachers to see my space, with half a floor and half a mural. It was March 25th when we gathered as a staff together for the first time. It was April 1st and 2nd when we opened our doors. And in between all of that were a million other amazing moments; taking my first class with Megan, teaching my first class in my own studio, taking my Bella girl to work, cups of morning tea during class, meeting the community, my first Zumba class, paying my rent, even cleaning the bathroom. It's not just the big moments, it is all of the simple moments in between.

I am not going to pretend that it has all been sunshine and rainbows, there have been some really hard moments; actually I am coming off of a few really rough days. Unfortunately, I was put in the position of standing up for what I believe in and what the studio stands for.

So what does our studio stand for? Equality. Accessibility. Inclusivity.

At Enrich we believe that yoga should be accessible for all bodies, all races, all genders, all abilities, all religions, all people. Fat, thin, gay, straight, white, black, indigenous, male, female, gender fluid, catholic, atheist, short, tall, old, young. Do you have a body? Yes? Well then you can do yoga, and you can do it at my studio. This is a place where you do not have to explain yourself, justify yourself or be anything other than how you are. You do not need to have "yoga clothes" or look a particular way. We do yoga a little bit different than other yoga places, and I will defend and maintain that until the very end.

I cannot tell you that my yoga studio is a safe place, only you can decide that for yourself. However I will do whatever I can to make it safe for you. Our windows have curtains so that you can practice without people watching, our chairs are rated for 400 lbs, we have props to help yoga be a little bit easier for you, we have sliding scale pricing and our staff is taking training to be the best possible instructors that they can be. I take this stuff very serious.

So, for the last few months I have poured my heart and soul into this business, making it an extension of myself and I am so excited to keep going. I am so excited to meet more students, teach more classes and offer more to the community.

And now, its May. Spring is here and the days are getting longer. There are so many amazing things to look forward to this month; cleaning the community with Hazeldean Community League, our yoga for gardening workshop, the Hazeldean Mothers Day Artisan Market, our special mothers day class, another evening of sound healing, Walking Away from Pain workshop, another ball rolling class, and all of the other amazing classes we offer every day. Our May calendar is out already, so check it out.

I am also so thrilled to share with you that we now have an app! It makes booking super easy and keeps

all of the important stuff at your finger tips. Make sure that you download it today, its free.

I know that I have said it before, but it seems to me like it couldn't be more true than it is today, written by the a

mazing Vincent Van Gogh: "I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart". I am in this with my whole heart.

Much Love.


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Gloria Kelly
Gloria Kelly
May 01, 2023

So thankful for you, all your hard work, and this studio <3


Hugs for the rough days! Your studio is evolving into just exactly what it needs to be. Life is too short and too hard not to extend kindness to everyone trying to find a place in this world.