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Yoga Instructor

Cheryl’s journey with Yoga began about 10 years ago; even though she originally came to Yoga for the physical practice, it was the calming effects of aligning breath, body and mind that brought a transformation into Cheryl’s life. In experiencing different instructors and different styles, Cheryl realized yoga creates room for personal growth and endless evolution. Always learning and yearning for continued growth, Cheryl is forever a student. Her mantra, “Learn, Blossom, Grow” keeps her grounded and reminds her that being a student first, brings new knowledge to grow and expand as a teacher. In 2019, Cheryl obtained her first 200hr YTT Certification in Hatha style yoga following by a mentorship program in Vinyasa Flow style yoga. Her introduction to Sakalya Yoga, which includes Himalayan Kundalini and Sattva Kriya Yoga, has greatly broadened her teaching knowledge and style as well as deepened her practice spiritually. Cheryl received her second 200hr YTT certification, this time in Sakalya Yoga, in June 2022. Her training also includes Chair Yoga and has obtained level 2 towards 95hr Children’s Yoga Training certification. Cheryl feels yoga should be shared with all. Her deep love and appreciation for nature and the world around her, combines well with yogic philosophies. Cheryl is truly grateful for the opportunity to share yoga with everyone.

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