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Content Chaos Wrangler

Lio is the CEO, CCO and Spitfire for Roll Initiative Inc aka Rollinit. They assist Misty and the team with the website, printed and digital marketing materials, marketing and event planning. Lio has been a graphic designer for 17 years and has over 25 years experience in project and team management. Their current passion is empowering female founded businesses. When not hyperfixating on layouts, campaigns, webdesign or design proofs, Lio is an acrylic and watercolour artist, a stained glass artist, as well as the Wife of a super human game developer and busy Mama to 3 incredible humans and 3 hairless cats. Lio loves designing manuals, newsletters, booklets, CV's, posters, signs... anything with lots of type! Lio doesn't take appointments at Enrich Yoga and Wellness but if you'd like to talk to them about a project, please send them an email or go to their social links at the bottom of the webpage.

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