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Yoga Instructor

Treyna fell upon yoga at the age of 38 finding yin and hot classes helped open her hips after decades in a corporate career at a desk.  Slowly she opened both physically and emotionally as her hips released a lifetime of feelings and experiences.  As a bonus, her adrenals began to heal as her mind and body relaxed.  She was captivated how the body stores experience and emotion. Using mantras she went inward tuning into her inner life force energy, Prana, Chi.  Now discovering the mind, body, spirit connection through meditation and tuning into her chakras. 

At 49 she tried her first Kundalini yoga class and immediately knew this was for her. The science of angles combined with the voice, breath, movement and targeted meditation felt like home. 

Treyna went on to study Kundalini and later took 200hr YTT.  Loving all styles of yoga, Treyna gravitates to fusing traditional movements with Kundlini kriyas (set of practices) with targeted breathwork and meditations.  With Kundalini she shares Gurmukhi, scripts from the mouth of the Guru.  Connecting to our nadis, inner life force energy with these scripts and mantras.

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