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Which Yoga Class is
Best for

Enrich Yoga & Wellness firmly believes that Yoga should be accessible

to any and every body. Knowing where to begin or how to expand your practice is vital. 

Below, you will find general descriptions of what we offer (a basic "wiki" if you will). Within our booking system, our Instructors have explained their unique spin on their classes. If you have any questions or would like to chat about your goals and/or challenges, hop over to the Contact page and get in touch. 

Weekend Reset

This offering has a little bit of everything for everyone!! Class begins with a collection of thoughts and reflection of the physical body, before focusing on breathwork to fully ground oneself. Once we are settled we start to slowly add subtle movements to the body, working from the neck to the wrists and all the way down to the ankles. Building off those subtle movements, we’ll gently warm up the rest of the body.

After a pause for water, we’ll flow our way through dynamic sequences intended to raise the heart rate. These sequences will feature a variety of postures including standing, kneeling, lunging, balancing and reaching. Modifications and prop placement will be offered for each sequence. We will cozy up for our cool down with a couple twists, a restorative repose and Savasana.

This class is accessible for all levels of practice, body size and age. Participants should be comfortable with placing weight on hands/knees (For Cat/Cow, Down Dog/Child’s are 100% optional).

Chair for Everybody Yoga

Chair yoga is not easier yoga, it is just more accessible! In this class students will either be seated or come to standing, we will never ask you to come to the floor and put your weight on your knees. Classes will begin with a seated check in, then a warm up, followed by a flow of asana poses both seated and standing, then a few moments of cool down and ending with a time of integration (Savasana). In this class you can expect to get your heart rate elevated, maybe work on core or strength exercises as well as breath work. Our chairs are rated for 450 pounds, and are extra wide for your comfort.

Go with the Flow Yoga

These classes are designed to increase your heart rate, challenge your movement, and make you smile! A Flow is when you take yoga asana (postures) and choreograph them into a pattern in which you move easily and methodically from one pose to the next, often repeating the flow or even increasing the speed and intensity of the flow. Our flow classes are different however than some that you may have seen in the past. Our postures are offered with accessible variations, we use props to aid in our range of motion and the end goal of the flow is not a dramatic pose that will have you balancing on your hands with your legs curled around your head. This is an accessible flow, for all levels of practice, body size and age. In this class we will begin with a seated meditation, a head to toe warm up and stretch to prepare for the asana, then we will move into the flow, followed by a cool-down and ending with a final resting pose. Students who take this class should be able to come to and from the floor with ease and should be able to put weight on their knees and wrists.

Baby + Me Yoga

This class is done with a parent and baby that is not yet crawling. The baby is usually placed on the yoga mat and the parent does yoga while interacting with their child, guided by a trained instructor.

Gentle Yoga

This class is meant to help you slow down and treat your nervous system to a calm practice. The movements are gentle, the postures are supported and there is a focus on using the breath to assist in relaxation. In these classes you can expect the use of traditional Hatha yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga and meditation. You may also experience some somatic movement and breathwork. Students attending this class should be able to come to the floor. These classes are great for beginner students all the way to yoga teachers themselves. These classes will leave you feeling a state of equilibrium and peace.

Therapeutic Yoga

In this class we will explore movements to learn about your personal range of motion, how you feel when you move and how you can move better and feel better. This is not your typical yoga class, as we move very gently, listening to what our body is telling us and respecting our limits along the way. From class to class we will explore different parts of the body, focusing on one area per week. We will explore movements of all the joints and muscles surrounding that area and learn how the movement of one area affects the other. We will begin with a body scan and breath work and will move into movement, ending in a body scan to feel the difference from the start of class to the end of class. This class is all about learning about your movement, pain and learning to do better and feel better.

Yoga Foundations

In this class is a safe space for all yogis alike! It is a great place to start if you are new to yoga but also an enjoyable practice for those who like to take their yoga a little less seriously. In these classes we move a little bit slower, hold the poses a little less long, always offer variations and take the time to break the poses down to learn and explore. These classes begin with a seated meditation, then we move on to gentle warm up sequences. After that we will begin exploring yoga asana (poses) followed by some pranayama (breath practice) and savasana (final resting pose). This class is great for all ages, sizes and abilities, although being able to put pressure on your knees and wrists is valuable, but don’t worry, we have extra padding for that! It is also important that you can sit on the ground and come to standing, although we do have chairs that we can put beside your mat to assist in the process.

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